New Apartment: Day 1

IMG_4651The short explanation as to why we’re moving is that:

  • I’m an entrepreneur, therefore
  • We’re poor, therefore
  • We put building a family on hold, therefore
  • We bought a dog, therefore
  • We got kicked out of our apartment

This isn’t strictly true. Barbara told us we’d probably get kicked out, but there’s a 200 pound dog living across the hall, and another eight living in our quad–so we thought maybe the chances were slim that our landlord would care. I mean, his other tenant has kids. Anyway, he said ‘you can’t have a dog’ and I said ‘she’s not a dog–she’s the daughter of two champions, and we have her living in a 4×4 cage with Pergo flooring, and she doesn’t bark, and she’s only 10 pounds. She’s a Boston Terrier, which means she was bred for city life.’ It took him 3 weeks to get back to us on his decision, but by then we’d found a new place. So, we’re moving. And we’re allowed to touch it up to make it feel more like ours, which is pretty exciting, since where we’re living we’ve had to velcro everything to the walls.

So today we got the keys and did a walkthrough with the landlord.

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