40 Days – Day 2 (cycling, weights, Gen. 1-2, vitamins)

cebu, philippinesDay 2: Cycling: 2 miles in 9 minutes; Eddington Number = 1.

Day 2: Weights: 25 minutes. 17 sets, 163 reps, 15,045 lb. Eddington Number (tons) = 2

Day 1: Bible (Genesis 1-2)

I used to know a lot of this verse by heart . . . . It appeals to a scientific look at the world because it’s more or less accurate in classifying things by complexity. It’s easy to breeze over in search of a few keywords. Earth is null and void. Got it. Light, darkness. Got it. But really it’s not null-ness or void-ness that’s being described, but an infinite (or long?) stretch of water and darkness—with God as a wind. To imagine myself deposited in this universe, floating in this black water, where I can’t see a thing, and if I sink I drown, and if I swim in any direction, everything is infinitely the same in every direction—it’s the most horrifying description of isolation I can imagine. And then God switches on the light, and produces some alternation between the two. So now we can count the evenings and mornings, which means that the existence of time is established. This is the part I find most fascinating. God goes on to create the rest of things, plants, fish, birds, animals, man—nothing out of the ordinary here. But then the narrator turns a bit unreliable.

Chapter 2 begins by switching up Chapter 1—suddenly, we’re back to no plants because there’s no man to till them; I thought the plants all set by day 3, and man didn’t show up for another few days. And didn’t God create male and female on the same day, day 6? But now it’s unclear on that point. Things just don’t line up from one chapter to the next. I don’t care about inconsistencies though—I’ll take it for what it is at any given moment.

And this, I think may be an important way to live right now. . . . The bible says—here’s the creation story. Also, here’s another creation story. They’re both correct.—and what am I to do? Accept them for what they are.

Day 1: Vitamins

Fish oil, DHEA, Gingko, and a multivitamin. They make me feel sick.


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