film: Kramer: Inherit the Wind (1960)

The difficulties I have in viewing films is the same I have in listening to music or poetry–I find it almost cruel to separate its parts; to dissect a work of art truly is dissection in its most violent sense, it is equal to the dehumanization present alongside any occupied surgical table. Yet, it mustContinue reading “film: Kramer: Inherit the Wind (1960)”

lecture: Spiro: Monkeys, Genesis and Jews (3/07)

“Monkeys, Genesis and Jews: The Darwinian Impact on Judaism” Presented by Jack D. Spiro: March 22, 2007: [One year later: There’s this one key point that the public tends to get wrong when it comes to groundbreaking publications, being that the author did not begin working with a void, but is only the latest inContinue reading “lecture: Spiro: Monkeys, Genesis and Jews (3/07)”