Boccaccio: Day 2, Story 2

I can hardly believe I haven’t touched this book since October, though it’s been many times that I’ve needed it. This is about as close to success as I’ve ever been, and yet I still feel profoundly sad–the answer, of course, being to just say fuck it and ignore it. I do this by tryingContinue reading “Boccaccio: Day 2, Story 2”

Boccaccio: First Day, Stories 6, 7 & 8

So, if you’ve been keeping track, none of the erotica has gotten out my ya-yas, so while choking down a warm homemade sidecar and waiting for the Draino to work its magic in the tub (that’s right, it’s Friday night, bitches)…it’s back to Boccaccio, which I just leave open on the table for moments likeContinue reading “Boccaccio: First Day, Stories 6, 7 & 8”

Boccaccio, First Day, Story Five

Note: this entry had a photo of hens on it, but I was getting DOZENS of visits every single day from Pakistan from people looking for photos of hens. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I don’t know why Pakistanis are so interested in looking at photos of hens, and perhaps I’ll never know, butContinue reading “Boccaccio, First Day, Story Five”

Boccaccio, First Day, Story Four

NOT FOR CHILDREN, SO TURN AWAY, YOUNG COUSINS. I’m feeling unhappy. I don’t like going to sleep unhappy. So I reached for ol’ Boccaccio with the hope that one of his stories would make me laugh. It did. Because I like crude things. I love when history reaches forward to remind us that nothing hasContinue reading “Boccaccio, First Day, Story Four”

Boccaccio: Day 1, Stories 1-3.

I think the fondest pre-reading memory of Boccaccio I have is as I stood outside a billiards-room in Amherst, having been reintroduced to Will after some years, and while I’m trying to decide if anyone realizes that I’m only pretending to smoke a cigarette, he’s trying to make a point about Walter Benjamin’s “Mechanical Reproduction” and askedContinue reading “Boccaccio: Day 1, Stories 1-3.”

Boccaccio & Heloise…From My House to a Nearby Mexican Restaurant

It’s just about 5am. We have new tables. A whole bunch of new tables. We have four tables, and five chairs. That’s such a poor ratio that I’m afraid guests won’t know which are which. Anyway, I’m awake for two reasons. The most likely one is the nausea from my new round of antibiotics. TheContinue reading “Boccaccio & Heloise…From My House to a Nearby Mexican Restaurant”