film: Wilder: Sunset Boulevard (1950)

As they’re walking down a fake street in a movie lot, the middle of the night, abandoned, real headlights appear approaching through the darkness…they’re from the next scene, and that’s how the two scenes fade one into the other. Smart. This is a perfect picture for me now, as I go between films from theContinue reading “film: Wilder: Sunset Boulevard (1950)”

film: Walsh: Regeneration (1915)

I’m beginning to really enjoy these silent films. I was doubtful of American technical abilities after comparing the stillness of Birth of a Nation with Feuillade’s capacity to make a traditional stage setup seem to come alive, to grow deep and epic in space. Perhaps Feuillade has a more positively raw sense of illustration, sexyContinue reading “film: Walsh: Regeneration (1915)”