film: Bauer: Умиращия лебед / The Dying Swan (1917)

july 8 07 Despite his short career, Bauer is supposed to rank up there with Griffith and Demille, but his work reminds me much more of Wegener in not only the dark subject matter, but also the emphasis on facial expressions. What this has which the others lack is a profound sense of beauty, theContinue reading “film: Bauer: Умиращия лебед / The Dying Swan (1917)”

film: Lubitsch: Das Fidele Gefängnis (1917)

I found Das Fidele Gefängnis to be very funny, very modern in its comedic virtues, making an excellent show of allowing the audience to see the whole picture while characters do not, so that we stamp our feet gleefully, awaiting what fun we just know must occur soon. It was acted very well–and all theContinue reading “film: Lubitsch: Das Fidele Gefängnis (1917)”

film: Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (1920)

Golem, wie er in die Welt kam was far longer than I hoped it’d be. This is because I got confused and watched the wrong Golem film. I’d have been much less eager to watch it if I’d known beforehand that the director was Paul Wegener, whose 40 minute feature Der Student Von Prag wasContinue reading “film: Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (1920)”

film: Feuillade: Les Vampires [e2] : La Bague qui tue (1915)

Midway through a scene, a shot, that looked almost identical to one from Fantomas. The film was carried heavily by letters and newspapers, as in Fantomas, and…surprise, the same director, Feuillade. I could not get my hands on episode 1, so I began with 2, and it was short enough to maintain some of myContinue reading “film: Feuillade: Les Vampires [e2] : La Bague qui tue (1915)”

film: Wegener: Der Student von Prag (1913)

Der Student von Prag I was looking forward to because I’d read it was a modern adaptation of Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus. If that’s the case, then so is Crossroads about Robert Johnson. Really, if there’s only one significant figure in history who sold his soul to the devil, then Christians should assume they’ve pretty muchContinue reading “film: Wegener: Der Student von Prag (1913)”