film: Wilder: Sunset Boulevard (1950)

As they’re walking down a fake street in a movie lot, the middle of the night, abandoned, real headlights appear approaching through the darkness…they’re from the next scene, and that’s how the two scenes fade one into the other. Smart. This is a perfect picture for me now, as I go between films from theContinue reading “film: Wilder: Sunset Boulevard (1950)”

film: Feuillade: Les Vampires [e2] : La Bague qui tue (1915)

Midway through a scene, a shot, that looked almost identical to one from Fantomas. The film was carried heavily by letters and newspapers, as in Fantomas, and…surprise, the same director, Feuillade. I could not get my hands on episode 1, so I began with 2, and it was short enough to maintain some of myContinue reading “film: Feuillade: Les Vampires [e2] : La Bague qui tue (1915)”