Whatever you focus on will grow; or, whatever you fight with, you keep.

Whatever you focus on will grow; or, whatever you fight with, you keep. My day could easily be ruined, but with this laughter, just a few seconds of distraction and separation from the event, I lose anything resembling anger. Should it be that the only time I’m focused and centered with all my being is when I am angry?

1. We were making crepes for dinner, and S. was mixing milk and eggs and flour in a blender, but the bottom was not screwed on tight, so when she lifted it the bottom fell off and all the mixture spilled over the counter and floor and walls and cabinets, everywhere. I was across the room, and S’s mouth fell open and she just stood there with wide eyes as she watched everything pouring out–and C. immediately jumped up and began dancing and singing “oops! oops! oops! oops!”

2. I was running across the kitchen with a piece of moldy fruit and I accidentally kicked a chair–I may have broken my little toe, it hurts many months later still–and I hopped on one foot out the door, with C. hopping behind me singing “ouch! ouch! ouch!”

3. We got back to my car after a night out, and there was an egg splattered across the side of it. I poured water on it to try to rinse it off–but it didn’t budge. C laughed and laughed “you know why I’m laughing–because you couldn’t get it off with water!”

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