“Julia Stiles Nipples” and other odd ways people find my blog.

This is an unusual sort of entry for me, because it doesn’t fulfill any of the purpose of this blog, but…it’s kinda funny. Yes, I have records kept on the precise search terms you use to find me on Google. Ever since I hid the entry called “Fucking the Landlords” and cleaned up/deleted a few others, I’ve gotten hardly any porn-seekers. Instead, things have gotten pretty wacky…

Let’s get the serious ones out of the way. Firstly, despite writing the entry some five years ago, I still get more people coming here in search of details about the film Cabiria than about anything else. That’s because silent Italian films are not popular on the internet.

Secondly, people come here nearly as often to read about Pierrot le Fou, by Godard. I’m not sure why this is the case, since it is a major film by a major director and it’s been years since I wrote about it.

People search for various terms relating to “polupragmosune” — nice! I’m glad my silly entry on that subject is popular.

Other terms:

dirty skunks
1875 metropolitan opera
theories of marriage
i have never begun a novel with more maugham
“abelard never really loved heloise”
“george michael hiv”
mary shelley’s frankenstein 1994 kenneth branagh similarities and differences to the text
suivante \”dick van dyke\”
what is the poem\”when we two parted in silence and tears\” by homer
filography:an introduction to thread sculpture
why did branagh made the changes in frankenstein
shut the fuck up liberal
paris as a character in the 400 blows
sleeping-bag fetters
madeleines sex proust
define slang “looking at me like a piece of meat”
“if i should meet thee” by unsentimental fool
how to focus when you fight
tell me, in june, 1914, had you ever heard of a place called sarajevo? ‘course you hadn’t. i doubt you’d even heard of archduke ferdinand. but in a month’s time, because a man you’d never heard of killed another man you’d never heard of in a place you’d never heard of, this country was at war
julia stiles nipples
self reflexivity clouds aristophanes
who did leonard bernstein mary
“mom and me” “best friends forever” wordpress
“body functions” comparison
“you need to know how to read me”
cough and watteau

why did bizet invent the role of micaela

ballroom lod theory
lern porn
fucked in fetters
“puffers pond” + “gay”
canterbury texaco
amanda bynes
beyonce crazy in love dactyls

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