film: Resnais: Night and Fog (1955)

When it comes to this subject I’m not sure anyone can really say much of anything now. I find myself smeared with the same confusion that I face on a thousand other subjects, when some fact very obvious to me is left to wander away from truth and is entirely out of my control, that’s careers, that’s money, that’s fondness, that’s love, that’s fear, that’s my favorite recording of Ella Fitzgerald doing ‘How High the Moon’ being cheered on by thousands of ex-Nazis. But, I suppose I’d never actually seen the skin of human beings used for paper, nor their hair turned into cloth, nor their bodies bulldozed, nor baskets of their gawking heads, nor the footage of the people in the cattle-cars waving goodbye and helping the officers shut the doors, and I continually wonder why it is that nobody dares to address the situations that still occur throughout the world, I hear them on the news daily, as we send out warnings and all Africa says ‘please, just leave us alone, we’ve got it under control, really.’

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