Bataille, Story of the Eye, “Marcelle’s Smell,” or farewell, totemism!

What it’s come down to is that I’ve lost all interest in the World of Sex, except from a purely critical perspective. If you can’t reach me by phone, find me in the backyard digging my own grave. So, yeah, the “Sex Books” designation is gone, because let’s just say I’ve given up on tryingContinue reading “Bataille, Story of the Eye, “Marcelle’s Smell,” or farewell, totemism!”

Fitzgerald: This Side of Paradise (1920)

For not being one myself, I’ve had more than my fair share of run-ins with rich folk. The girl who gave me this book told me I had good breeding. I didn’t. Maybe somewhere in my blood is some toughness wrought by centuries in the Ukranian bloodlands, by warriors of sworn obeisance to William the Conqueror,Continue reading “Fitzgerald: This Side of Paradise (1920)”

novel: Lawrence: The Trespasser (1912)

Lawrence is one of these authors whose books I’ve always collected, but whose work I’ve never really found the courage to read. Where does one begin? It was my mother who handed me a copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover when I was still a teenager, which was all I ever really received as far asContinue reading “novel: Lawrence: The Trespasser (1912)”

Proust, on the novel.

Après cette croyance centrale qui, pendant ma lecture, exécutait d’incessants mouvements du dedans au dehors, vers la découverte de la vérité, venaient les émotions que me donnait l’action à laquelle je prenais part, car ces après-midi-là étaient plus remplis d’événements dramatiques que ne l’est souvent toute une vie. C’était les événements qui survenaient dans leContinue reading “Proust, on the novel.”

love and silence, my first reaction to Lady Chatterley.

Perhaps it’s no secret that I think very, very slowly, and have immense trouble understanding when other people speak. Not always–not when I am on autopilot, when I have another mission, when that mission is to tear somebody apart, or to be the life of the party, it’s at those times when it’s far moreContinue reading “love and silence, my first reaction to Lady Chatterley.”

(Huxley) Brave New World / (Naylor) Linden Hills

A Stage Set For Macbeth The ruins would still be burning. By the time any individual or party would ask for complete control of the country in return for assured eternal security and happiness, the citizens would be more than willing to give up their freedoms and become simple sheep. Nature is the embodiment ofContinue reading “(Huxley) Brave New World / (Naylor) Linden Hills”