theatre: sideshow theatre company: everything freezes

i don’t think i really had any idea what theatre is until i saw this show, which makes me more deeply thrilled to have been one of the people to help make it happen.

i hate to reference it again, but the show Pippin had one of the most profound effects on my life, firstly because of the chord changes on the last song, secondly because of the violins on the last song, thirdly because of the way it showed me that, yes, i’m going to die unhappy, and likely a coward also. anyway, i was fascinated by it and began speaking with cast members of the show i’d seen, asking them questions, and learned that they, all being teenagers, had been told it had a happy ending, when i think it has one of the most tragic endings of anything i’ve witnessed. they had been told that the main character just hadn’t recognized that his life was complete and that he was happy, and that when he recognizes it he gives up plans of suicide. what really happens is that he gets too scared to kill himself and goes back to a life of discontent because it’s the best his rationality can come up with. rationality is a terrifying thing, isn’t it? fortunately, i’m accused regularly of under-utilizing my own, so i must be on the right track. the point i’m getting at is that all those actors in Pippin were wrong, for whatever reason, they were wrong, wrong, wrong. now, i know that the author is supposed to know more about the characters than he lets on….but the actors?

the use of repetition, like lawrence or the hebrew poetry

other things i noticed on the second time

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