Samuel Fuller: The Naked Kiss (1964)

It’s been a while since I really talked out of my ass. Let’s do this! So–briefly, I dedicated my life to filmmaking. I made one film, which was enough to teach me I never wanted to make another one ever again—because filmmaking involves working with other people, and other people suck—specifically, other people who writeContinue reading “Samuel Fuller: The Naked Kiss (1964)”

drama: Moliere: Tartuffe (1664)

Although I’m looking at Moliere through a translator, I haven’t been quite impressed by what I have read, which, I suppose is ignoring language altogether in favor of meaning. Tartuffe is a story of a prominent and wealthy man duped by a con-man, Tartuffe, who pretends to be excessively pious in such a way thatContinue reading “drama: Moliere: Tartuffe (1664)”

theatre: sideshow theatre company: everything freezes

i don’t think i really had any idea what theatre is until i saw this show, which makes me more deeply thrilled to have been one of the people to help make it happen. i hate to reference it again, but the show Pippin had one of the most profound effects on my life, firstlyContinue reading “theatre: sideshow theatre company: everything freezes”

drama: Molière – The Misanthrope (1666)

Amidst the calls of John McCain in the last debate, “now, there’s just another example of Senator Obama’s eloquence” it’s rather fitting to read Alceste making the same arguments just about now, and to consider how Molière presents him. A friend mentioned that she’d heard Molière described as the French Shakespeare–I disagree, because Shakespeare, in myContinue reading “drama: Molière – The Misanthrope (1666)”

drama: Aristophanes: the Clouds (419 BCE)

The most important thing Meredith taught me was that I should shut the fuck up. Meantime, I have no regrets about the scene I just made in an Applebees in the middle of the Maine woods, in which I got into a very angry debate over French/American political relations, which always comes down to theContinue reading “drama: Aristophanes: the Clouds (419 BCE)”

drama: Frayn: Copenhagen (1998)

When there’s a great historical question, an event that has baffled minds for over half a century, upon which hinged the fate of the earth, and whose participants were famously esoteric about the whole thing, it’s natural that what we imagine took place would be fascinating. In reality it wouldn’t be. But, let’s say someoneContinue reading “drama: Frayn: Copenhagen (1998)”

Aristophanes: The Birds.

It’s difficult to care–I haven’t any desire to write this because I just don’t care for the play at all–but that should be beside the point, shouldn’t it? I mean, because it’s a classic I’m not meant to enjoy it, right? I’m just meant to absorb it so I can include myself in the collectiveContinue reading “Aristophanes: The Birds.”

The Tempest

The idea of isolating a group of people on an island is a popular one for authors to express their views of human nature. Perhaps the most well-known examples are Lord of the Flies, by Golding, and the opposing Island, by Huxley. Though Shakespeare’s The Tempest does not especially debate the topic of the inherentContinue reading “The Tempest”

Death of a Salesman

THE PROBLEM IN THE LOMAN FAMILY Willy’s family background contributes to the shape of his personality and embeds in him the values and goals he works towards throughout his life. His background results in his philosophies on life, the world, and his own position in society. Willy works hard to follow not only his father,Continue reading “Death of a Salesman”