Peisistratus of Athens (rules 546-27 BCE)

(from list of weekly goals) 3. Film. I’ve spent all my time for watching films instead reading Greek history. My parents are fed up with the book, because I leave it in the kitchen, and my father began reading it and said it was intensely boring, he said he read one page three times andContinue reading “Peisistratus of Athens (rules 546-27 BCE)”

drama: Aristophanes: the Clouds (419 BCE)

The most important thing Meredith taught me was that I should shut the fuck up. Meantime, I have no regrets about the scene I just made in an Applebees in the middle of the Maine woods, in which I got into a very angry debate over French/American political relations, which always comes down to theContinue reading “drama: Aristophanes: the Clouds (419 BCE)”