Obama vs Romney as explained by Marquis de Sade

From my experience, erotica by left-leaning authors tends to be pretty lovey-dovey; erotica by right-leaning authors tends to be FILL AND FLOOD EVERY ORIFICE. Take your pick! “Whereas the state institutions provided by Rousseau’s Social Contract allow us to recapture some of the goodness and innocence we enjoyed in our original “Nature,” Sade sees allContinue reading “Obama vs Romney as explained by Marquis de Sade”

Bataille: Story of the Eye: “A Trickle of Blood”

I’m getting pretty great at picking out foreshadowing. Regarding the final two lines of the last chapter, which I attempted to explicate before giving up and going to bed, the beginning of the next chapter goes in further depth (without coming to any more satisfying a conclusion than I did). Tough shit. In short: urine =Continue reading “Bataille: Story of the Eye: “A Trickle of Blood””

Bataille: Story of the Eye, “A Sunspot”

So, I was reading Cosmo the other day. That’s true. So, there was an article about how to make your dreams work for you. The gist of it was that your dreams are the time of day during which your brain can creatively solve problems that afflict your waking hours. It seeks creative answers, whichContinue reading “Bataille: Story of the Eye, “A Sunspot””

Bataille, Story of the Eye, “Marcelle’s Smell,” or farewell, totemism!

What it’s come down to is that I’ve lost all interest in the World of Sex, except from a purely critical perspective. If you can’t reach me by phone, find me in the backyard digging my own grave. So, yeah, the “Sex Books” designation is gone, because let’s just say I’ve given up on tryingContinue reading “Bataille, Story of the Eye, “Marcelle’s Smell,” or farewell, totemism!”

Sex Books, Day 3: Bataille, Story of the Eye, “The Antique Wardrobe”

Indeed, I use an asterisk for assholes, and a coffeebean for vaginas. The first thing one realizes is that this is a very difficult section of the body to draw. The geography is simply confounding.

And Love? Yom Kippur, 2012.

I fasted for over 25 hours. That means I didn’t eat anything during that time. As for drinking, including water, it was more like 30 hours, because I forgot to drink anything with my last meal. It was easy…I didn’t get a headache, and except for about ten minutes mid-evening, I didn’t even feel theContinue reading “And Love? Yom Kippur, 2012.”

Boccaccio: First Day, Stories 6, 7 & 8

So, if you’ve been keeping track, none of the erotica has gotten out my ya-yas, so while choking down a warm homemade sidecar and waiting for the Draino to work its magic in the tub (that’s right, it’s Friday night, bitches)…it’s back to Boccaccio, which I just leave open on the table for moments likeContinue reading “Boccaccio: First Day, Stories 6, 7 & 8”