Sex Books, Day 2: Venus in Furs, and Delta of Venus.

Tonight we continue with two more books, Nin’s Delta of Venus, and Sachar-Masoch’s Venus in Furs. Prepare for a miserable and old-fashioned discussion of the sexes. Apologies in advance. Venus in Furs Venus in Furs leads us immediately to a comparison between it and The Story of O, the main difference initially being that ofContinue reading “Sex Books, Day 2: Venus in Furs, and Delta of Venus.”

“Julia Stiles Nipples” and other odd ways people find my blog.

This is an unusual sort of entry for me, because it doesn’t fulfill any of the purpose of this blog, but…it’s kinda funny. Yes, I have records kept on the precise search terms you use to find me on Google. Ever since I hid the entry called “Fucking the Landlords” and cleaned up/deleted a fewContinue reading ““Julia Stiles Nipples” and other odd ways people find my blog.”

Sex Books, Day 1: The Story of the Eye & The Story of O

And so we begin by speaking of love. The tamest, most secret longings our hearts felt in grade school. We stray at some point, a million stories left untold. But, we reach today, when our fresh stories are more interesting to us than our stale ones. And then what? You get involved in stories of loveContinue reading “Sex Books, Day 1: The Story of the Eye & The Story of O”

Boccaccio, First Day, Story Five

Note: this entry had a photo of hens on it, but I was getting DOZENS of visits every single day from Pakistan from people looking for photos of hens. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I don’t know why Pakistanis are so interested in looking at photos of hens, and perhaps I’ll never know, butContinue reading “Boccaccio, First Day, Story Five”

Boccaccio, First Day, Story Four

NOT FOR CHILDREN, SO TURN AWAY, YOUNG COUSINS. I’m feeling unhappy. I don’t like going to sleep unhappy. So I reached for ol’ Boccaccio with the hope that one of his stories would make me laugh. It did. Because I like crude things. I love when history reaches forward to remind us that nothing hasContinue reading “Boccaccio, First Day, Story Four”

Lorca: “Deep Song” (1922)

In a lecture in 1922, Lorca discusses the Oriental and European origins of “deep song” and how it has affected contemporary music. He then goes on to discuss its poetry. I originally picked this book up because of his role in surrealism, as he is the “Andalusian Dog” referenced by the film’s title, he wasContinue reading “Lorca: “Deep Song” (1922)”

Kenny Loggins: “Heart to Heart” (1982)

“Halfway” is relative ’round here. If you broke in right now, you’d note, firstly, that I must have run out of the house halfway through doing my laundry. I did. And this and that are halfway from one place to another, but I don’t want to leave them in my car overnight, or just forgotContinue reading “Kenny Loggins: “Heart to Heart” (1982)”

Will Durant: “The Political Elements of Civilization” (1935)

The State ‘This violent subjection is usually of a settled agricultural group by a tribe of hunters and herders. For agriculture teaches men pacific ways, inures them to a prosaic routine, and exhausts them with a long day’s toil; such men accumulate wealth, but they forget the arts and sentiments of war. The hunter andContinue reading “Will Durant: “The Political Elements of Civilization” (1935)”

Will Durant: “The Origins of Government” (1935)

‘Instead of democracy being a wilted feather in the cap of our own age, it appears at its best in several primitive groups where such government as exists is merely the rule of the family-heads of the clan, and no arbitrary authority is allowed. The Iroquois and Deleware Indians recognized no laws or restraints beyondContinue reading “Will Durant: “The Origins of Government” (1935)”